Welcome Figure ( Dzunuk'wa) Totem Pole
Front View - Back View

Artist: Troy Roberts
Tribal affiliation: Kwakiutl

Wild Woman of the woods!!

Dzunuk'wa is a giant, hairy, black-bodied,  big-breasted, wide-eyed female monster.  She is physically strong enough  to tear down large trees, spiritually powerful enough to resurrect the dead, and possesses magical treasures and great wealth.  Human children who wander are likely to be captured by her and thrown into the basket on her back, expecially if they are stupid enough to eat the food with which she tempts them.

Dzunuk'wa totem is dressed in cedar bark, horse hair and Carved from red cedar with acrylic paint and varathane - all Canadian products -


Measurements of finished piece
Height - 6' I Width - 24" x 24"