Native Indian Art - Totem Pole Plaque - Kolus - side view
Views: Unpainted - Painted - Side View

Artist: Troy Roberts
Tribal affiliation: Kwakiutl

A villager, while walking along the beach, was said to have come across a very large bird covered in dazzling white, soft down.

He cried out to the bird, "I, Tlugwala, am seeking special powers and privileges from a spirit."  The bird then threw back the feathers and skin from its head, revealing the head of a man and said, "I am Kolus, yet I am a man."

His face was steaming with heat because of his thick covering of feathers, and soon his entire coat fell away and there stood the full figure of a man.

Carved from red cedar,
painted with acrylic paint and varathane.
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Measurements of finished plaque

28" in depth x 24" in width