Native Indian Art - Canadian Native Art - Sisiutl Board

Artist: Troy Roberts
Tribal affiliation: Kwakiutl

Sisiutl is usually depicted horizontally as a double-headed serpent with the heads at each end in profile, diplaying wolfish features with long tongues and a single, curly, horn-like appendage protruding from top of the head. The creatures mid-section is usually a human-like face with two curly horns. Sisiutl is a powerful, terrifying, double-headed serpent that guards the house of the Sky People. Sisiutl symbolizes quality and contradiction; it is a death-dealer, but can also bestow great power. Sisiutl can transform into a fish or a self-propelled canoe, and its glance can kill or turn an enemy into stone.

Carved from red cedar with acrylic paint and varathane - all Canadian products -


- This piece is in a private collection and is not for sale -
Please contact us if you would like Troy to create a similar piece for you.